Our Swags

Hand crafted, Aussie made in-store from only the best Australian-made canvas and fittings. Our swags feature a tough rip-stop base which is strong and durable for maximum protection for your swag, and a durable yet breathable 15oz rip-stop canvas upper to give you extra protection from the harshest of weather conditions – available in a great range of colours. Both canvas and stitching colours can be chosen to customise the look of your swag.

Our Swag mattresses are all made in house using only  high density foam for the best comfort & support, the 50mm base is a firmer foam that gives the support under the softer 50mm convolute top, that also makes the swag manageable to roll up.

The Versatile Swag

The development of Fish River Swags is one of experiment and refinement. Our experienced team have worked on the design and construction over many years ensuring that a Fish River Swag works the way it should, is durable and above all comfortable.

Our Swags feature unique designs enabling them to be setup in several configurations to suit the climate and personal preference.

Get Tips on Swag Setup

Cozy mode

The standard swag setup, ideal for colder nights when maximum protection is needed

Scenic mode

Provides extra room and ventilation – plus take advantage of those views

Note: King Single opens one side only

Sun Shelter mode

Fully open, ideal as an sun shelter at events or the beach

Note: King Single opens one side only